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The story could have ended it, after all, made Omega replica watches coaxial movement is the most advanced in the industry movement. Omega may also be free to be quiet and accept applause. However, the brand has always uphold the concept of innovation, continue to pursue new developments.

Although Daniel new direction escape competition subvert coaxial fake watch industry, but yet another major flaw of mechanical watches is resolved.
Time model (continued)
As we all know, the most prominent mechanical watch is undoubtedly miracles micromechanical manufacture subtle web, gears and leave an attractive movement, ballroom as fascinating abnormal circles. This is where the fascinating mechanical watch – compared to most people, Daniel and Hayek has a deeper understanding of this. Although the cartridge assembly delicate fine structure, extremely complex, but who developed the movement of 1980, and had become the trusted choice for NASA astronauts. See the moon as the preferred heroes, Speedmaster Professional watch withstood the force of gravity, zero gravity and extreme low-gravity environment of rigorous testing, to be precise when walking.

However, the movement of the most delicate parts are made of a ferromagnetic metal designed. A strong magnet will be able to delay the mechanical watch movement speed, so that the precise qualifications certified by the observatory destroyed, but even so the offer is fully closed. And in the fight against magnetic fields, coaxial escape Daniel also helpless.

If time is short magnetic field, the magnetic effect gradually subsides. If the magnetic field refundable long stay, so be careful with the power components are fully magnetized, and then see the need for a professional repair.

Of course, the problem is the common magnetic field. But with increasing magnetic field source, you need to overcome this most urgent problem. Magnets get smaller, but more powerful magnetic force also become more popular. In 1982, GM (General Motors) and Sumitomo Special Metals Corporation (Sumitomo Special Metals) Release NdFeB magnets, also known as permanent magnet with a strong magnetic effect. Today, its practical application everywhere: hair dryer, microwave, laptop and stereo speakers, and even increasingly applied to complement bags and iPad Protective Case.

And a long time, including the watchmaker Omega replica has been working, including magnetic fields Check technical and methodological customers.

During World War II, the allies clock used by more than 50% is provided by Omega. These watches all use of aluminum, copper, magnesium and manganese alloy made “duralumin” (duralumin) to build inside the box “shielded”.

In 1953, the British Ministry of Defense Omega replica watches introduced a new clock, use a soft iron inner case, the magnetic field lines around scatter without penetrating movement.

While this design improves the clock magnetically shielded, but not the best solution. Soft iron inner case increases the total weight and volume of the guard. At the same time, the practice of sealing movement also brought other indirect disadvantages, such as unusable sapphire back through, or can not set the display window or calendar week in the dial.

Three years ago, Omega began to focus overcome armored problem. Brand has more advanced mechanical movement of the industry, and hope to keep improving. No longer are the choice of movement within the magnetically shielded box, twenty non-ferromagnetic material to create a new anti-magnetic movement, coaxial movement in areas of production, and the entire mechanical watchmaking industry is another great achievement of the jump revolutionary.

This is a very simple yet subversive Creators. They do, it is the use of non-ferromagnetic material to recreate the movement of the main components. Although the basic idea is not new, but the real investment – complete capture firm resolve this issue, the scope and scale of resources to achieve the investment objective, repeatedly try to keep constantly trying required Queyu thrives Weather and tolerance – indeed unprecedented. This is the way to solve a major problem – the determination with rich resources and largely patience.

Meanwhile, Omega always understand, available technology, innovation and once great talent and strength of the series is meaningless. Thus, the newly formed shielded coaxial movement in the development process, Omega also have to ensure that these can be configured to quantify the production at a reasonable cost.

Fortunately, they are far ahead in at least one aspect – the successful development of material balance silicon If spring 14, and has been implemented for a long time application. This is a major technology upgrade. Silicon springs with shock resistance, even if the long-term use will not lose tension. Meanwhile, silicon and non-ferromagnetic materials. Then Omega just concentrate on research and development to meet the others.

Last year, the Omega is set to release a> 15,000 gauss watch Seamaster Aqua Terra, its magnetic properties at least 15 times the anti-magnetic watch in any market, it is far beyond the FIHH for anti-magnetic shielded Minimum requirements (60 gauss).
Time model (continued)
Only about MRI scanner, or CERN (CERN) Large Hadron Collider time, Seamaster Aqua Terra> 15,000 gauss armored look possible risks (not even necessarily). Therefore, put more than 1,000 gauss Zhang iPad cases released fourth watch is not affected.

Magnetically shielded coaxial type to give movement to bring a qualitative leap. On the basis of excellence, perfection, hence the birth of a new movement masterpiece, Omega is called “coaxial movement to achieve.”

This year, Omega introduced the 4.8 “coaxial movement to achieve”, mounted on a clock 71; in 2018, for all its mechanical watches Omega – except Speedmaster Moon Sheet – Magnetically shielded coaxial lead the movement.
Time model (continued)
Here, our story painted in point, to explore the anti-magnetic technology has come to an end. Of course, the legend does not end, the history of the brand has continued along the path of development and diversification of the achievements of different and exciting chapter. Mechanical watchmaking technology definitely stop there, is not yet fully developed. Omega also continue to promote innovation, to meet the next round of technological revolution jump.

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