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Omega speedmaster watches came out, then in the hands of professional racing caused a sensation. Its solid construction makes it possible to maintain a precise timing while resisting strong vibrations and collisions. Thanks to the speed scale on the bezel, racers can more easily read the speed of each lap than ever before. Speedmaster watch with the function at the time was unprecedented, and both in terms of design, durability or watch function, speedmaster watch can be described as an important innovation.
Omega Speedmaster

It is also because of these two characteristics, making the Omega speedmaster watch has become a great time to explore the space, and in 1965 after the Apollo program, to accompany every astronaut into the space of loyal partners.
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In 1964, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) began looking for a watch for manned space programs. They picked up several pieces of timepieces from different brands and tested them all the hardware that went into the space environment. Finally, only one watch successfully passed a series of rigorous tests including extreme temperatures, vibrations, and strong impacts in a vacuum environment, which is the Omega Speedmaster watch.
Omega Speedmaster watches
60 years later, Omega speedmaster replica watches can still be used in all manned space program, and has become one of the permanent equipment of the International Space Station. Today’s Omega speedmaster series of moon tables keep the same design with the original speedmaster watch, and this is precisely confirmed the speedmaster watch prototype very forward-looking unique design.
Speedmaster series sixty anniversary history review
Omega Speedmaster replica
“Wide arrow” watch
First speedmaster watch
Speedmaster, the legendary watch series of the earliest watches, because of its unique pointer shape is called “wide arrow” watch. It is not only the first speedmaster watch, but also the first Omega clock equipped with speed scale bezel watch, rather than the speed scale engraved on the dial above. This design is designed to facilitate the racing driver. In all the speedmaster watch, this is a precious watch, it marks the speedmaster watch legend of the opening.
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First Omega Space Table
Astronaut Walter Schella worn watch
Omega Speedmaster watches
As the second generation speedmaster watch, its design is different from the prototype “wide arrow” watch. This watch is equipped with black aluminum bezel, the Air Force custom lollipop second hand, as well as Alpha-shaped hour and minute hands. October 3, 1962, the US astronaut Walter Shiella wearing this speedmaster watch into space, making it the first to enter the space of the Omega replica watches. At that time, he wore his own speedmaster watch, boarded the “Sieg Code No. 7″ spacecraft to perform Mercury plans to fly. Since then, speedmaster watch space legend will be opened the curtain.
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Speedmaster’57 watch
George Clooney wearing a watch
Innovative Omega speedmaster 57 watch is the legendary tribute to the speedmaster watch, but also will be a unique style to create their own new future. This watch is reminiscent of the many well-known speedmaster watch design elements, including black dial with beige scale, vertical lugs and scraper metal bezel with speed scale. In 2015, George Clooney proudly wearing this watch to shoot Omega advertising videos.
“CK2998″ watch
Omega Speedmaster watches 2017
Inspired by the 1959 speedmaster prototype watch
In 1959, Omega speedmaster series CK2998 watch come out, after time changes, has gradually become the world’s most popular speedmaster series antique watch one. This watch to the classic style of the year modeled, retains the classic Alpha-shaped pointer, “lollipop” shaped pointer, symmetrical steel case and three deep blue dial. Blue tones are also reflected in the bezel, minute lap and leather strap.
Moon phase watch
Omega Speedmaster replica watches
Omega’s first speedmaster series to reach the astronomical table
As the first to receive the “to reach the Observatory” certified speedmaster watch, this blue moon phase to reach the Observatory watch by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) certification of the watch industry-leading precision and performance, as Omega Outstanding watchmaking history is another important milestone. Incredibly, this watch on the moon scene lifelike, such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration filming the moon as clear and fine images. Carefully appreciate the moon phase disk, you can also see the astronauts left on the moon footprints.
Omega Speedmaster replica watches

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